Make your own easy DIY garden markers

DIY garden markers


Garden markers crafted from popsicle sticks and the pesky little care tags that come wedged in the plants from the hardware can be an eyesore among your herbs and vegetables. Maintain the beauty of your hard-earned garden on a budget with these custom DIY garden markers. You can create outdoor garden markers made from jewelry nickel stamping blanks, or be thrifty and colorful with indoor markers made from paint chips. Either option is a great way to identify your proud new plants without cluttering the beds.

These garden markers are a wonderful addition to our framed herb garden project.

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DIY garden markers instructions

what you'll need
jewelry nickel stamping blanks
paint chips
  • paint chips from local hardware store or colored craft paper
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • 18 gauge floral stem wire
  • fine point permanent marker
  • small hole punch
let's do it
jewelry nickel stamping blanks
  1. Write name of herb on the jewelry nickel stamping blank using a fine point marker.
  2. Paint one corners of tag with 1-2 coats of colored nail polish to add a little flair.
  3. If you mess up with the marker or nail polish, use Goo Gone and a paper towel to wipe clean and start over.
  4. Cut floral wire to approximately 9" using wire cutters or scissors.
  5. Sculpt wire into swirl or other fun shape.
  6. Thread stamping blank onto wire.
  7. Put marker into pot.
paint chips
  1. Cut paint chips or craft paper to approximately 1" wide by 2½" tall.
  2. Punch hole in each corner of paint chip.
  3. Write name of herbs on paint chips with marker
  4. To create a more artsy garden marker, it’s fun to sketch a little picture of the herb to go along with the name.
  5. Hold floral wire in the middle with one hand.
  6. Gently bend wire over your finger with your other hand (both sides should be even length when finished).
  7. Thread paint chips onto wire, almost up to curve. Trim wire if needed.
  8. Place in indoor herb garden.
Cheryl Says
Paint chip garden markers or so cheap and inexpensive. You can change their colors based on the season!