Organize grade school memories with a printable school scrapbook

Printable school scrapbook


Do you have a pile of your child’s school photos, grade cards and papers stuffed in a drawer or closet waiting to be placed into a scrapbook?

Well, so did we—and it just never seemed to happen. So we came up with a printable school scrapbook to organize the important ‘stuff’ easily and inexpensively for each year of grade school. And there is no pressure to decorate.

Your binder, protective page inserts and cute printables allow you to fill in the blanks to remember the first day of each school year. Now you can show your children how incredibly organized you are and how much you love them without feeling overwhelmed by designing a book cover to cover.

If you have more than one grade school student in the family, don’t worry about mixing up scrapbooks—the cover printable is personalized, and the spine and back of the binder can be decorated if desired. You may as well start now, it won’t get any easier than this!

printable school scrapbook instructions

what you'll need
let's do it
  1. Download the Everyday Dishes & DIY school scrapbook printable and open in Adobe Reader.
  2. Print out pages for each school year—don’t forget to personalize the cover page with your student’s name. Place all but the cover page and current grade level page in separate inserts then place in binder for future use—that way you’ll know exactly where they are when you need them.
  3. Fill in the blanks on the page for the current school year then sort through your stash of school papers and photos to choose those you wish to include in the memory book.
  4. Arrange and adhere to paper for display then use protective inserts for each item or group of items.
  5. Place the cover page inside the binder’s plastic cover. Decorate further with your own embellishments, if desired.
Cheryl Says
Try not to procrastinate! Update your child’s memory book throughout the year as events occur.


Organize grade school memories with a printable school scrapbook