Printable back-to-school photo signs to mark your student’s 1st day

Back-to-school photo signs


See how much your youngster has changed throughout grade school with just a glance. Colorful back-to-school photo signs make it easy! All you need is card stock, scissors and a camera or cell phone.

Years from now, you’ll have photos documenting their growth each year and you won’t have to worry about guessing what grade they were in. Each sign has a different background to mark that all-important first day. You’ll find pennants for kindergarten, pencils for first grade—you get the idea. You won’t see the same old sign every year.

Just select which sign you want and type in your child’s name then print it out. It’s that simple—and inexpensive!

Grab your camera or phone and snap a photo of your student holding the sign. Share it on Instagram, Facebook or send to the grandparents. Print it out for an album and add our printable school scrapbook pages to create memories that will last forever.

how to make school photo signs

what you'll need
let's do it
  1. Download the Everyday Dishes & DIY school photo signs printable and open in Adobe Reader.
  2. Print and cut out the desired grade level(s) on card stock.
  3. Have your student hold the appropriate sign before he or she heads off to school.
  4. Have your camera or cell phone ready to snap a few photos then place them in a scrapbook or album.
Cheryl Says
You won’t have to write the grade on the back of your photo—it’s already on the front!