Thanksgiving Buffet Hero

Thanksgiving buffet ideas

Chances are, you’re not the only one fully stuffed on Thanksgiving. So is your table. Why not create a buffet? It frees up prime dinner-table real estate and allows you to create a gorgeous, abundant display. Here are some Thanksgiving buffet ideas:

  • Have a variety of platters and serving trays on hand so that guests can seamlessly transfer their dishes from Tupperware to table.
  • Create different tiers by using cake pedestals, woven baskets, wooden risers, or even cigar boxes to help each food stand out, as well as make it easier to reach.
  • Thanksgiving Buffet CardPlan ahead—make a list of who will be bringing what and pre-arrange a space for each item. You can even print up simple folded-paper nametags with a description of each item.
  • Fill in any blank spaces with decorative fall accents such as whole nuts, mini pumpkins or even some colorful leaves and twigs collected from your backyard. Just be sure to leave a little space for any unexpected food dishes, or to set out last-minute items such as gravy boats.

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