Penguin poppers holiday appetizer

Penguin poppers holiday appetizer


As the mother of three, Cheryl’s usually doing everything she can to keep her children from playing with their food.

But when it comes to these delightful little penguins, who can resist? Even better, they are oh-so-simple to make. Serve this penguin poppers holiday appetizer and watch the compliments come flying in.

penguin poppers recipe

recipe type: appetizers
what you'll need
  • black olives, pitted (jumbo and colossal sizes)
  • cream cheese
  • whole carrots
  • long wooden appetizer picks
let's do it
  1. Slice both ends of the colossal olives then cut a football shape lengthwise to serve as the penguin's white "belly." Fill the colossal olives with cream cheese and place in the refrigerator to firm up (15–20 minutes).
  2. Peel and slice carrots into ¼" discs. Carefully slice a triangular wedge out of carrot discs and insert wedge into hole of jumbo olives to create the penguin's noses.
  3. Put carrot disc down flat and stand the cream cheese-filled colossal olive on top so carrot "feet" face forward.
  4. Stack the jumbo olive "head" horizontal on top of the colossal olive body then secure both olives to the carrot base with a long wooden appetizer pick.
  5. Repeat until all penguins are assembled.
Cheryl Says
Nothing starts a party off right with a playful twist to an old favorite. These little guys take that idea to the max!

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