Rolling out the red carpet for your Oscar gala? Add some extra pizazz to the party with our printable Oscars bingo game—it’s super easy, quick and best of all, it’s free!

We’ve given this classic game a new twist to get your guests in the spirit of the evening. Simply download and print our free printable on card stock then round up scissors or an X-acto knife and a jar of coins.

Cut out each of six different cards then distribute to those guests who wish to participate in the game. They’ll have to keep their eyes and ears open, especially during the acceptance speeches but they’ll still have plenty of time to socialize and chow down on food throughout the evening.

Each card contains the same number of squares in which various events might take place during the course of the show. See who can catch a star putting on glasses to read an acceptance speech or accepting an award via satellite.

Bring out the Heidi Klum in you to decide who’s had a fashion fail with an outfit that’s obviously far from a winning look. Did you see someone wearing a red dress or catch a wardrobe malfunction?

If and when you spot these events happening during the awards show, place a coin on the corresponding square. The first person to complete one horizontal, vertical or diagonal line is declared the winner.

Have a prize on hand for the lucky person—a gift card to a local movie theatre would not only be perfect for the occasion but appreciated as well.

Oscars bingo game instructions

printable Oscars bingo game instructions
  • Oscars bingo game printable
  • card stock
  • scissors or X-acto knife
  • pennies
  • prize (optional)
  1. Download Oscars bingo game printable then print and cut out.
  2. Distribute to guests.
  3. Have a jar of coins available to use as bingo chips.
  4. When you see or hear what’s on a square, place a penny over the square.
  5. The first person to complete one horizontal, vertical or diagonal line wins.
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