He said/she said printable bridal shower game

Printable Bridal Shower Game


Test how well you know the bride and groom with this fun and easy to play He Said/She Said Bridal shower game.

It will give the host a chance to ask the bride and groom a bunch of silly questions and have their guests guessing and quizzing each other at the bridal shower.

This is the perfect way to get the party started especially with a group of people who otherwise might not have anything else in common or know one another.

Printable bridal shower game

Printable bridal shower game

what you'll need
let's do it
  1. Send the bride and groom list of 10-20 questions via email and await their replies.
  2. An example question might be: "How did you know he/she was the one?" The response you receive might be something like, "She went away for vacation for two weeks and I realized I never wanted to be away from her for that long ever again". (see photo of game to get your wheels turning for other questions to ask)
  3. Remove gender references in answers.
  4. Download the Everyday Dishes & DIY he said/she said printable and open in Adobe Reader.
  5. Fill in blanks with the best answers you received, mixing his and hers as evenly as possible.
  6. Print as many copies as needed.
  7. Hand printouts to guests and have them circle the oxfords if they think the statement was his, or heels if the statement was hers.
  8. Read the answers aloud to see who knows the bride and groom best once everyone has finished.
  9. Arrange a small prize for those with the most correct answers.
Cheryl Says
Some of the neatest information comes out of these he said/she said party games! I love to see how much or little people really know about the bride and groom.

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