So you’ve finally figured out the farmer’s market schedule in your neighborhood but now you’re stumped on how to actually pick the best produce. Don’t worry, my 6 tips for picking fresh summer produce will help get you started!

1. When buying fresh corn, peel back the husks and look for any brown patches or discoloration
2. When choosing the perfect watermelon this summer, don’t tap it, pick it up. You want it to be super heavy for its size, which will indicate how ripe and juicy it is.
3. When buying summer cherries, look for a deep rich color. The darker the cherry, the sweeter it is.
4. When choosing summer squash, go for the small and petite. Oversized squash can be bitter with an off flavor.
5. When buying fresh figs over the summer, try to get locally grown. Figs are delicate and have a very short shelf life. So, local means fresher and better.
6. Looking for a luscious peach? Look for warm colors and pretty blushed skin. Peaches with green undertones have been picked too early and will never fully ripen.