In the age of social media, how do we keep up with friends who absolutely refuse to join Facebook or open a Twitter account?  With those whom you can’t share an Instagram or let them know where you’re having lunch through foursquare?

I struggle with this every day.  Even my husband is out of the daily loop of what happens to me minute by minute because his access to most information lives via the newspaper or television.  (He’s been getting better about texting, fortunately.) And although I do give him a daily dump of my activities at bedtime every night, I feel it is only a cursory representation of my day.  I’ve detailed so many events via social media, am I just repeating myself?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t advocate all person to person interactions be substituted with lackluster emoticons and infographics. But I do wish some of my friends would stay up to speed via the social media drip. That way they would know I rearranged my office, or got an exciting phone call from a network I’ve been courting. They might also learn how many salted chocolate-covered almonds I ate today, or how warm my scarf was making me this afternoon. You know, the important stuff!

But what would probably happen, if all my friends were on Facebook, is that I’d likely just scroll past the clutter and focus on the really juicy stuff (today is National Root Beer Float Day, didn’t you know?) I’d probably bypass many of their little missives as well, and still feel the need to check in.

So is getting my friends to jump on the social media bandwagon really what I’m looking for?  Why am I compelled to even write about this?  Is it just a daily rant?  Or a deep seeded guilt that I’m not servicing my friendships the way I used to?

Hmmm… If only I could get them to respond to this post, life would be a little easier.

How do you feel about keeping up on each other’s lives through social media?

Live the moment,