Placemats are a canvas for creativity! You can piece together different shapes and sizes, and partner up a mix of fabrics and prints to build truly unique placemats for whatever occasion is next on the calendar. When it comes to DIY placemat ideas, the possibilities are endless.

Focus on your party’s theme, and build from there. Think texture, color, and patterns. Our favorite DIY placemat ideas are usually born from leftover supplies from past projects. We’ve crafted placemats from whiteboards and chalkboards, old record sleeves, scrap fabric, calendar images, magazine covers, you name it. Inspiration is everywhere. And, by including a unique table setting, you’ll no doubt elevate your meal to an unforgettable dining experience.

When you’re ready to create your own placemats, use our DIY placemat ideas for inspiration and remember that rules can be broken. The end result can be amazing. Step outside your comfort zone, use new textiles and accents; you’ll be sure to inspire interesting dinner conversation.

DIY placemat ideas and inspiration

1. turn it loose

Consider fabrics with amazing colors, fun patterns and exciting textures. Sometimes unexpected pairings become a perfect match.

2. shape it up

There’s no rule that says your placemat has to be rectangular, so look for repeating shapes within your party theme and experiment with a few unexpected options. Try a round mat that peeks out from under a square plate and vice versa!

3. plug it in

Take a look at everything from old LP record covers to a child-sized chalkboard; just let your party theme be your guide and have the placemat play along!

4. mix it up

If you’re using formal dinnerware, go with a whimsical placemat to set off your place setting, and lighten the mood. I like mixing textures to create thematic tension, like china with rattan or clay plates with satin–how fun!

5. show it off

Don’t waste an opportunity to add fun and a little whimsy to your table by making your placemat a conversation piece. Take a second look at unexpected items like an eye chart or craft paper and crayons to use your creative expression and engage your guests at first glance!

Cheryl Says

DIY placemats give you a chance to create something unique for your friends and family to enjoy.