Why buy a new centerpiece for every new gathering? If you keep a few must-have centerpiece supplies handy, all you have to do is tap your imagination.

With a few of these supplies, you can spruce up a wilting centerpiece, build something new, or give a bouquet of flowers a mini facelift. And, you never know when an impromptu cocktail hour, summer lunch or unexpected visitor may pop up.

Here are seven must-have centerpiece supplies we can’t live without.

Must-have centerpiece supplies to keep on hand

1. raffia

It’s one of the more versatile supplies we keep, using it to tie everything from fresh flowers to napkins.

2. burlap

We love this rustic-looking fabric, and keep bolts of it to use for table runners, placemats, or as a decorative wrap on a planter.

3. boas

They are a perfect accent. Cut two-inch pieces and sprinkle a table with them. Or, stuff wheatgrass inside an antique pot, add Gerber daisies, and tuck in a small piece of a boa.

4. double-sided tape

It’s excellent for securing a candle in a holder.

5. floral wire

This thin, bendy wire helps you manipulate things. It’s really great to use when trying to keep a napkin presentation in place.

6. floral foam

It’s great for helping you make a vase out of things that aren’t typically meant to hold water. Just put a bit of water at the bottom of your faux vase and the foam will drink it up.

7. silicone jelly

You can add these dried granules to water and they’ll expand like jello to help preserve flowers.