No matter how you embellish them, moss and chicken wire together always look very spring-like and are especially inviting as a moss wreath for your door.

Chicken wire comes in 36″ rolls and is very inexpensive. It snips easily with wire cutters and bends to form any shape you want.

Wear gloves to unroll a small section of chicken wire—this is best done on the floor where there’s plenty of room to work. Place something heavy on one end to keep the wire from rolling back into place.

How to make a moss wreath

how to make a chicken wire moss wreath
  • garden gloves
  • wire cutters
  • chicken wire, cut 10″ x 36″
  • 4–5 pieces of wire, cut 2″ long
  • green moss
  • embellishments
  • hot glue gun
  • burlap ribbon
  1. Wear gloves and use wire cutters—not scissors—to cut the chicken wire to size. Cut excess chicken wire into several small pieces of wire about 2″ long to use as fasteners.
  2. Center moss a handful at a time, along the entire length of the wire then roll up the moss in the chicken wire, forming a cylinder. Use 2″ pieces of wire to fasten together.
  3. Bring the ends of the cylinder together to form a circle and fasten with wire. If necessary, further shape the circle, using your hands.
  4. Add flowers, birds or any other embellishments you prefer, then hot glue into place. Tie a burlap bow at the top for hanging.
Place something heavy on one end when cutting wire to keep it from rolling back into place.