There’s no need to grab that large, heavy purse when you’re on the go. This felt phone case not only holds the necessities—it’s stylish and easy to make!

Designed to resemble a camera case, it’s large enough to hold a phone and has a pocket to insert credit cards, license and money. A loop handle makes it easy to grab or attach to a belt.

Don’t worry if sewing isn’t your area of expertise—our blanket stitch video will turn any novice into Betsy Ross quickly!

Once you’ve discovered how easy this craft is, you may want to make a felt sleeve for your notebook, tablet or reader. Simply adjust the measurements and it’s easy peasy!

Felt phone case instructions

Felt Phone Case Instructions
  • gray felt – 8″ x 4″; 4″ x 6″; 3″ x 4″; and 1.5″ circle
  • orange felt – 4″ x 3.5″
  • white felt – 1.5″ x 1″
  • red felt – .5″ dot
  • black felt – 2″ circle and 1″ x .5″ square
  • yarn
  • needle
  • snap button
  • 12″ ribbon
  1. Cut out felt according to sizes listed above.
  2. Place the orange cutout on top of the gray piece of felt, matching the bottom and side edges. Center and stitch the black circle onto the orange and grey cutouts—use the process shots as a guide.
  3. Next, center and stitch the grey circle on top of the black circle.
  4. Stitch the remaining rectangular and red dot cutouts in place as seen in the photo then stitch the 3″ x 4″ pocket onto the 4″ x 6″ gray piece.
  5. Blanket stitch the 2 gray pieces (4″ x 6″ and 8″ x 4″) together along 3 sides, leaving the right side open for the flap (see our [url href=”” target=”_blank” title=”Blanket Stitch Video”]blanket stitch video[/url]).
  6. Cut the felt on the side you’ve left open to form a 2″ x 2″ flap. Center the snap button clasp on the inside of the flap, align it with the pocket then attach. Fold your ribbon in half to form a loop then stitch it onto the inside of the top right corner.
  7. Insert phone and cards and you’re done!
When attaching a snap button, catch just enough material with your needle so the stitches don’t show through the other side. It’ll look much neater.

DIY felt phone case instructions