We have an insatiable passion for shoes.  The collections of footgear are lined up in our closets like proud little soldiers, parade-ready. While we revel in the possibilities each day, the flip-flop is our ultimate go-to-shoe in casual situations—particularly during hot summer months. Don’t worry about blending in with the crowd as you spruce up your flippers with simple fabric flowers.

DIY fabric flower decorated flip-flops
  • bits of fun fabric or retired clothing
  • 2 felt circles (about the size of a quarter)
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • flip-flops
  1. Depending on your volume preference, cut eight to ten circles (per flip-flop) from your scrap fabric of choice. The circles should be two to three inches in diameter. Once you’ve cut your circles, pinch the fabric into fourths from the center, much like the cootie catchers you made in grade school. Add a dot of hot glue at the bottom of your fabric and attach to the felt base.
  2. One at a time using all but the last two (one per shoe), hot glue your cootie catcher circles onto the felt. Be sure to layer the fabric, like the petals of an actual flower.
  3. Take the two circles of fabric you set aside at the beginning to finish off each floret. Bunch/twist it from the center, and hot glue your finishing floret pieces onto the top-center of your flower puffs.
  4. Now that your flip-flop florets are made, take a moment to decide how you want to attach them to your sandals. You can hot glue the felt bottom directly to the center of the shoes, or you can attach mini-clothespins or bobby pins to make the florets multifunctional.
Everyday items can take on a whole new look and feel with the smallest extra touch.


DIY fabric flower decorated flip-flops


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