We experience serious frustration trying to find innovative ways for organizing kitchen tools, recipes and spices. Since counter space is often limited, we want everything we don’t use on a regular basis out of the way yet easily accessible. Get creative and gain more space with our DIY kitchen mailbox organizer.

Why is this DIY kitchen organizing idea so useful? The mailbox interior is great for storing cookbooks, recipes, coupons and grocery ads, and the newspaper hooks come in handy to hang aprons, potholders and even store your rolling pin. You can even use the metal exterior for a magnetic kitchen timer and Post-it notes! There are so many benefits to this inexpensive DIY painted mailbox. Head to your local hardware store and give it a try.

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DIY kitchen mailbox organizer instructions
  1. Spray paint mailbox 2-3 times until you have full coverage.
  2. Let dry between each coat of paint.
  3. Hang it, referencing instructions included with mailbox.
Our DIY painted mailbox organizer works in more areas than just the kitchen. Use it in your home entry for keys, purses and anything you need to grab when leaving the house!

diy kitchen mailbox organizer