Decorating your home can get expensive quick, and if you’re like us, we’re inspired to switch up the décor all the time! Scratch that creative itch on a budget and give your sofa a makeover with this easy DIY fabric pillow cover craft.

Finding fabric that’s fun and on sale is a cinch. You can enjoy mixing and matching patterns, and heavier fabrics like canvas is more forgiving when you run it through the sewing machine. You can even have fun with the zipper selection by choosing fun colors or metallic, exposed zippers.

Once your covers are made, they’re easily washed and swapped out by mood or season!

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DIY pillow cover instructions
Serves: 1 pillow
  • 1 – 23″ x 23″ piece fabric
  • straight pins
  • 22″ polyester zipper
  • [url href=”” target=”_blank” title=”18″ x 18″ Throw Pillow”]pillow[/url] (we used an 18″ x 18″)
  • scissors
  1. Cut out your choice of fabric squares to fit the size of your pillow, leaving a 2–3″ border.
  2. Align both pieces of fabric with the zipper then use straight pins to hold in place. Make sure that if your fabric has a pattern, the zipper will face ‘outward’ once the pillow is sewn completely.
  3. Use straight pins to keep fabric together while you sew, make sure to sew the zippered area first. This way, you can flip the pillow inside out once complete.
  4. Once the zipper is sewn into place, pin the fabric if desired so it doesn’t shift while you are sewing.
  5. Prepare sewing machine with thread, then slowly work your way around the pillow seam using a wide stitch. Once you have two sides sewn, open the zipper so it’s easy to flip the pillowcase inside out once the third side is completed. Sew the third side then reverse fabric. Place the pillow inside then fold the bottom edge of the fabric inward, making sure the seams match. Pin in place then run through the sewing machine.
Even if you don’t sew a perfectly straight line, you won’t be able to tell once you reverse the fabric!

Easy and inexpensive DIY pillow cover


Easy and inexpensive DIY pillow cover