Why spend money at expensive home décor stores when you can replicate ideas yourself?

Follow our easy instructions to make a DIY stamped drop cloth runner. Drop cloths are readily available online or at local hardware stores.

Not sure what size to make your runner? We supply the basics to get your measurements right.

This DIY is a great way to upcycle everything circular! Jars, soup cans, cardboard rolls of any kind all make wonderful stamps and don’t cost a thing.

To create interest in your design, use a variety of different sized circles. Lightly dip each rim into matte fabric paint and stamp onto your runner.

Use different color paint for each size circle and work your way down the length of the cloth. Let it dry and you’ve got an original table runner that’s easy, fun to make and less expensive than those at high-end stores.

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stamped drop cloth runner instructions
  1. Measure and mark drop cloth with tailor’s chalk (measure slightly larger than needed as it will shrink when washing/drying).
  2. Cut with sharp scissors (see: determine size for table runner below).
  3. Wash and dry fabric to fray edges, iron if needed.
  4. Lay fabric on flat, hard surface.
  5. Pour paint colors into individual bowls (use separate circle stamps for each paint color).
  6. Lightly dip circle stamp in paint enough to coat rim with paint.
  7. Place circle on runner, lightly twist if needed. Remove stamp.
  8. Continue with other stamp sizes and colors, working from one end of runner to the other; let dry.
  9. Wash as needed in warm water, gentle cycle with mild soap, line dry.
  10. Determine size for table runner.
  1. A table runner should be approximately ⅓ the width of your dining table. If your dining table is 48″ wide, the table runner should be approximately 16″ wide. If you plan on keeping the table runner on the table while dining, make sure there is plenty of room for a dinner plate without it being partially on the table and partially on the table runner.
  1. A table runner should overhang the end of your table approximately 6–10″ on each end. If your table is 72″ long, the table runner should be 84– 92″ long. There can also be a tassel attached to the end making the overall length of the table runner longer.
Don’t be afraid to wash this DIY stamped drop cloth runner in the machine. Use warm water, mild soap, and the gentle cycle. Be sure to line dry.