We tend to go overboard when fixing holiday meals, or any meal, and there are always leftovers that everyone wants to take home. In fact, everyday in the Everyday Dishes & DIY test kitchen, someone is hiding a container of food in the back of the fridge. Trust us, leftover labels here are a must!

Have your labels and plenty of to-go containers ready to send home with your guests. Our printable leftover labels have several designs made to fit 3.33″ x 4″ shipping labels.

Just write the names of family or guests on the labels, peel, and then adhere to the containers. This way everyone goes home with what they want!

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printable leftover labels instructions
  1. Download the Everyday Dishes & DIY Leftover Labels Printable.
  2. Print onto sheets of shipping labels, following package instructions.
  3. Fill in “name, contents and date,” using a pen or marker. Peel and stick onto a take-out container. It’s as easy as that!
Use a permanent marker to keep labels legible in case they get wet.