Planning a wedding is hard work, and the closer you get to the event, the shorter the bride is on time and money. Trying to find thoughtful bridesmaid gifts that don’t cost a fortune can be near impossible without our tips for personalized bridesmaids gifts.

It’s not about how much money you spend; it’s about the thought and the presentation! And speaking of presentation—what more do your bridesmaids need on the big day than a snazzy, personalized hanger to identify their dress, pretty polish for their fingers and perfect earrings to accessorize?

Our personalized bridesmaid hangers are inexpensive and easy! You can buy a 5-pack of natural wood hangers for under $10 and the alphabet stamps are about $6. You will also need some black craft paint and a fine-tipped acrylic paintbrush.

Start by selecting the lettering you’ll need for the first bridesmaid’s name. Squirt a small dollop of craft paint on a paper plate, and using the paintbrush, apply the paint to the raised area of the stamp.

You don’t want to layer the paint too thick or too thin, so keep a damp dishtowel handy to remove excess paint.

Press the stamp on the hanger with medium pressure to prevent smudging the paint. Continue the process with each letter and set the hanger aside to dry.

If needed, lightly fill lettering gaps (from the stamp) on each hanger with a clean paintbrush, lightly dipped in craft paint. Repeat the process for all of the hangers until you have a complete set.

For additional goodies, go to the local drugstore and pick up matching nail polish and emery boards for all your gal pals.

Wrap the emery board and polish with baker’s twine or jute twine, applying a small dab of hot glue on the top of the polish bottle to hold the twine in place if necessary.

Gifting jewelry? Include a special note on card stock instead of using the package the earrings came in.

Pick your favorite color of card stock and write a sweet message to the bridesmaid using a permanent marker. You can even seal the love note with a kiss!

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DIY personalized bridesmaids gifts

DIY personalized bridesmaid gift
  • [url href=”″ target=”_blank” title=”Natural Wood Hangers”]set of 5 natural wood hangers[/url]
  • black acrylic craft paint
  • [url href=”” target=”_blank” title=”Alphabet Wood Handle Letter Stamps”]alphabet wood handle rubber stamps[/url]
  • inexpensive, fine-tipped acrylic paint brush
  • paper plate
  1. Unwrap hangers.
  2. Select necessary letters from stamp kit.
  3. Squirt small dollop of craft paint on paper plate.
  4. Apply paint to raised area of stamp using a fine-tipped acrylic paint brush.
  5. Press stamp on hanger with medium pressure. Repeat process with each letter until name is complete.
  6. Set hanger aside to dry.
  7. Lightly fill any lettering gaps with a clean, fine tip acrylic paint brush, if needed.
  8. Repeat process until all hangers are complete.
Personalized hangers also make great day-of-the week hangers for small children. Simply use the stamps to print Monday through Friday!