You can hang a letter wreath like a traditional wreath, prop it on a shelf or hang it on the wall like a piece of art.

All you need is spray paint, silk flowers and a paper mache letter to decorate for spring. Its shape makes it different than those found at a store—plus, you can customize it however you wish.

Paper mache is best used indoors but it can be waterproofed with marine varnish, available at your local paint or hardware store. If you’re going to hang it on an exterior door, we recommend it be under shelter where it’s not directly in the elements.

Use an assortment of silk flowers but limit the color scheme to keep it simple. Be sure to include 3–4 large white flowers where the tips can be spray-painted then lightly sprinkled with glitter.

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How to make a letter wreath

How to Make a Spring Letter Wreath
  • 12″ paper mache letter
  • [url href=”” target=”_blank” title=”Precision knife”]precision knife[/url]
  • [url href=”” target=”_blank” title=”Rust-Oleum Eden Spray Paint”]green spray paint[/url] (optional)
  • floral foam
  • glue
  • scissors
  • 2″ paper circle
  • disposable gloves (optional)
  • 3–4 large white artificial flowers
  • medium and small artificial flowers and leaves
  • [url href=”” target=”_blank” title=”Coral Krylon Spray Paint”]coral spray paint[/url]
  • glitter
  • burlap
  1. Use a precision knife to cut off just the front of the letter. If desired, spray paint the sides and exposed back of the letter green then allow to dry.
  2. Cut pieces of floral foam then insert and glue to the inside of the letter (refer to process shots).
  3. Hold paper circle over the center of a large white silk flower, lightly spritz just the tips of the petals with coral paint then sprinkle with glitter. Shake off any excess then repeat for remaining white flowers.
  4. Cut stems on flowers to 1½”. Starting first with the largest flowers and then the medium-sized ones, arrange and insert into the floral foam. Use smaller flowers and leaves to fill in any empty spaces. Add a burlap ribbon to hang.
Wear disposable gloves while you’re spraying the tips of the flowers with paint, then pump the can for each petal rather than using one continuous spraying motion.

DIY spring letter wreath