Holiday greetings spelled out on a stenciled table runner add fun and warmth to your dinner table! Burlap is easy to stencil, inexpensive and adds a casual feel to the room.

This a very easy holiday craft project, but it definitely takes some time. There are a lot of holiday greetings to hand stencil onto a long runner, so get comfortable and don’t try to do it all in one sitting!

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Stenciled table runner instructions

how to make a stenciled table runner
  1. Lay burlap on flat surface and measure and mark 16″ W x 108″ L with chalk (size may vary depending upon table length).
  2. Pull and remove the thread from entire length and width of burlap just along chalk mark. It’s okay if thread breaks, pick up where you left off. Removing this thread creates a straight line for cutting and reduces fraying.
  3. Cut along the lines where you pulled the thread, making sure not to cut threads on either side. Once your burlap is cut to size, fray edges by hand on all four sides to add a finished trim.
  4. Lay runner on flat, hard surface, lined with newspaper or paper towels to prevent paint from getting on your surface.
  5. Pour small amounts of black and green paint into separate bowls. Dip stencil brush in paint dabbing off excess onto a paper towel. Starting at one end of runner, hold stencil in place with one hand and begin tapping stencil brush onto the stencil and fabric in an up and down motion.
  6. When you have stenciled one word, wipe stencil clean with damp paper towel to remove excess paint and prevent smudging. Continue stenciling other words until your runner is complete and let it dry overnight.
Spot clean only to prevent further fraying of the burlap.