Seeing the world is a wonderful thing. Packing for the trip, however, is not. As you prepare for various climates and a broad range of attire, the grandiose heap of Gap, Gucci, gumboots and glamour goo just might not be realistic for your pintsized carry-on. So if you’re looking to travel light, here are a few fashion staples that make the cut.

1. Travel comfortably with yoga pants

Remember the bottom line here: less is more. Condense your carry-on by wearing an easy to launder, comfortable pair of pants that beats out your “airplane sweats” in terms of space and versatility. Two pair for travel will keep you workout and cocktail party-ready, as they famously morph into dress pants by night. Especially easy to wash by hand, these curve-loving leggings are a road warrior must have.

travel tips2. The trusty black blazer

Do not, under any circumstance, get on the airplane sans black blazer. More effective than lip gloss and jewels, the multifaceted black blazer always prevails. Catch a chill?  Put on your black blazer. Feeling frumpy? Put on your black blazer. Airline lost your baggage? Put on your black blazer. You get the picture.

3. The power scarf

Modest in size, a healthy assortment of scarves in your traveling case can make five outfits look like twenty. Embrace this power accessory for instant style, warmth and wardrobe diversity. Consider packing scarves of various textures and density to accommodate everything from air conditioning overload to a mild evening chill.

4. All Star shoestravel tips Chuck Taylors

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars are foot-friendly, convenient in the airport security line and never lose their cool status—Chucks are the epitome of urban fashion simplified. Pair with dresses, suits, jeans and a white t-shirt, and you are sure to make a statement regardless of social expectations.

5. Ode to the oversized tote

The oversized tote is your best shot at conquering the carry-on conundrum. Able to house magazines, snacks, Kindles, iPads and miscellaneous must-haves, this hot ticket item allows excess space for in-flight necessities. Headphones, scarves, crosswords, gum, lip balm and hand sanitizer all need a place to live on your trip. You can’t go wrong with Longchamp Le Pliage or Louis Vuitton.

Cheryl Says

When it comes to yoga pants, the Lululemon Athletica studio pant is all you need—change your shoes and jacket and you’re ready for anything!