Let’s face it, you probably aren’t using that clothesline to air dry your clothes much anymore.

So what can you do with all those wooden clothespins? Plenty of things!

Check out these 10 creative uses for wooden clothespins.

10 uses for wooden clothespins

1. use as food tags

Hosting a party? Use those wooden clothespins to label your food. Just take a tag and clip it to that bowl of egg salad or chicken casserole.

2. fun family project

For a fun family project, have each of the kids decorate their own wooden clothespin. Get creative with colors and even glitter, too. Then, find creative ways to use them like labeling towels, washcloths or other personal items like “Sarah’s earphones”, homework and more.

3. make magnets

All those precious mementos kids bring home from school should be proudly displayed! Take a magnet and hot glue it to the back of a wooden clothespin. Use it to hang that A+ report card on the fridge.

4. crafting

Photos are hard to keep organized, so use some wooden clothespins to help with your labeling. Write down dates or names on the pin and label stacks of pictures for scrapbooking and organizational ease.

5. control cords and cables

Tidy up those cords and cables behind your desk and use some wooden clothespins to help keep them in order.

6. make a bookmark

Next time you need to mark a page in that favorite book, use a wooden clothespin as a bookmark. Personalize it with stickers or even a bit of spray paint to make it your own.

7. organize office supplies

Attach to the sides of decorated cans to organize office supplies such as paper clips, rubber bands or post-it notes.

8. use as herb markers

Potting some herbs and spices? Use those wooden clothespins as herb markers and label “basil,” “oregano,” or “sage” on small seedling pots.

9. decorate for the holidays

Spray paint in gold or silver and hot glue old brooches or earrings to wooden clothespins and use them as fun Christmas ornaments.

10. in the laundry room

Hey, those clothespins are still useful for the laundry after all! Use them as markers to label your bag of “stained” or “dry cleaning” clothes.

Cheryl Says

Wooden clothespins are also handy for keeping snacks fresh! They’re perfect for resealing bags of chips, cookies and crackers.