Surviving summer isn’t just about the heat, it’s balancing the kids, long days and staying sane, too!

Don’t let the hot weather get under your skin and cramp your style; embrace the next few months with these simple summer tips.

simple summer tips

1. cure that sunburn

It’s fun to soak up the sun, but a summer sunburn can be quite painful! Try this at-home soothing sunburn remedy when in need: freeze a mixture of cucumber and aloe vera juice in ice cube trays, remove and store in a plastic baggie. Take out and apply the cool cube to the skin for instant relief. (Please note, if your burn is bad enough that you’re feeling chills, fever, or experiencing nausea, or if you’ve developed large blisters, discolored or darkened skin or extreme itchiness, it’s time to call the doc.)

2. save your sunscreen

Ironically, too much sun can make your sunscreen lose its gusto! If you’re spending the day at the beach, store that SPF in the cooler, instead of your bag. Remember to not leave it in the car, either! If you don’t have cooler access and will be out all day, carry SPF sticks or SPF wipes instead.

3. protect your hair

The sun can fade and damage your hair color, so you’ll want to protect it prior to sun exposure or getting in the water with some leave-in conditioner. You can also try SPF hair products, which will help protect those sun-soaked strands. You can always comb regular sunscreen through your hair in a pinch.

4. stay hydrated

Rule No. 1 when it comes to hot summer days is staying hydrated. But freezing water bottles is a no-no since the change in temperature can cause the plastic to leach into the water. Keep your water bottles cold by using cylinder ice cubes instead. Or, try an aluminum water bottle.

5. keep cover

Spring showers may have given way to summer days, but that doesn’t mean you should put that umbrella away! A purse-sized umbrella is a great way to always stay in the shade. A floppy hat keeps you protected, too, and is oh so fashionable!

6.  don’t forget your lips!

Your lips don’t have a protective barrier and make them extra sensitive to strong summer rays. Make sure to use a lip balm with an SPF. Have a fave shade that doesn’t provide protection? Simply apply the lip balm with an SPF under your preferred lipstick or gloss.

Cheryl Says

Want a coozie for that cold canteen? Repurpose old nylon or neoprene wine bags! You can string ribbon through the handles for a simple shoulder strap.