Bring back the nostalgic pillowcase and toss those drab orange pumpkin buckets! We’re super excited about this fun DIY trick or treat bag for Halloween from Rit Dye Studios! Enjoy!

At Rit Dye, Halloween is our favorite time of year. It’s ripe with creativity; a time when our imaginations run wild and anything can be transformed into the stuff of fantasies and nightmares. The perfect setting for dreaming up colorful Dye-IY projects!

This Halloween we’re having a lot of fun turning pillowcases into trick or treat bags. This is an inexpensive, fun DIY project you can do with your kids, letting them customize a bag that captures the Halloween spirit or matches their costume. And you can upcycle one of your old pillowcases for it. It doesn’t even have to be white! You can remove the color before dyeing with Rit Color Remover.

What you’ll need

  • 100% cotton pillowcase
  • Rit ColorPerfect Dye Kit, Citrus Orange
  • Rit ColorPerfect Dye Kit, Lemon Twist Yellow
  • Rit ColorPerfect Color Stay Dye Fixative

Let’d do it

  1. Spray the Lemon Twist Yellow Rit ColorPerfect dye directly onto a damp, 100% cotton pillowcase in a wide stripe along the bottom of the pillowcase. You can use a skirt hanger to hang the pillowcase up outside to reduce prep and clean-up work.
  2. Once the yellow stripe is done, spray on a wider orange stripe directly above it. Make sure to leave a band of the un-dyed white pillowcase at the top to get the full effect of a candy corn.
  3. Once you’ve sprayed on your two bands of color, simply spray with Rit Color Stay Dye Fixative, let sit for 20 minutes then rinse the dyed pillowcase in the sink until the water runs clear of dye. The rinsing process helps blend the two bands of color together so you don’t see the spray lines.
  4. It’s that easy to go from pillowcase to cute, themed trick-or-treat bag in half an hour. For more pillowcase trick or treat bag or Halloween ideas, visit

Happy Halloween!

Rit Dye trick or treat bag

Rit Dye trick or treat bag

Rit Dye trick or treat bag