For preparing healthy snacks on the go, fun treats for the classroom, or even just a simple fix for drippy pancake batter all over the kitchen, we hope you find a tool in this list that’s useful to you.

top kitchen gadgets

1. Vegetable Shredder from Yanko Design

shredded veggies are harder to detect! We always encourage our kiddos to eat their veggies, but with this vegetable shredder from Yanko Design, they might not even know they are eating them! Even if they do, shredded zucchini, potatoes or cucumbers are so much more fun to eat!

2. Letter Pressed Cookie Cutters

spell out well wishes Stamped letter cookies are great to use for personalized treats, classroom birthday snacks, or practicing the alphabet. The impressions from these stamps are deep enough to frost easily and they leave professional looking designs.

3. Chef’n Bananza Banana Slicer

go bananas! A lot of bananas get eaten in Cheryl’s house. They go on cereal, toast with peanut butter, in smoothies and on ice cream sundaes. With the Chef’n Bananza Slicer, she gets all the bananas she needs in uniform slices!

4. Tabletop Oil Mister

easy on the dressing Cheryl doesn’t love a ton of salad dressing on her greens, preferring the contents of her salad to speak for themselves! With this Tabletop Oil Mister, you can infuse olive oil with your favorite herbs and lightly mist salads and veggies with complementary flavors.

5. Microplane Herb Mill

convenient mincing Fresh herbs are yummy to taste but such a pain to chop! Problem solved with the Microplane Herb Mill–perfect for baked potato toppings, seasoning meats or adding a flavorful garnish to soup.

6.  Oster MyBlend Blender

smooth operator If you take your breakfast to go in the form of a smoothie, the Oster MyBlend Blender, can whip up your favorite ingredients in a snap! When you swap the blender blade for a drinking lid, there’s very little cleanup!

7. Chicago Metallic Batter Dispenser

perfect pancakes without the mess! The Chicago Metallic Batter Dispenser easily dispenses the ideal amount of batter onto the griddle or into the pan with no messy drips.  You’ll think you’re having breakfast in a restaurant!

8.  Aqua Zinger Flavored Water Maker

water with a zing Cheryl drinks a ton of water, and she’s always encouraging her kids to do the same. The Aqua Zinger Flavored Water Maker is a great way to make water delicious, and a wonderful alternative to flavor packets and fitness water.

 I love gadgets that make my time spent in the kitchen easier, healthier, and more convenient! top-kitchen-gadgets-cherylstyle