Looking for something other than the goofy ties and the “world’s best dad” gear for your dad? Think outside the box this Father’s Day with 5 fun Father’s Day gifts. Opting out of the clichés gives you the opportunity to express how special Dad is with a thoughtful little something. A new family portrait or sacrificing the TV remote for the weekend will make Dad feel like a rock star on his special day.

5 fun Father’s Day gift ideas

5-fun-fathers-day-gifts-cherylstyle1. just add water Don’t let dad be the guy at the beach wearing socks and sandals–deck him out in a pair of Swims waterproof loafers. Swims offer all the functionality of water shoes or hiking sandals, and are classy enough to sport at a nice dinner.

2. picture perfect A picture says a thousand words. Dad works hard to provide for the family, so give him a loving reminder of all the people who appreciate his efforts! Present him with a framed photo of his children or grandchildren. Dad can display the photo on his desk for a quick pick-me-up during a tough workweek.

5-fun-fathers-day-gifts-cherylstyle-B23. love notes Dad will remember how much you love him every day with love notes attached to his keychain! Go to the local pet store and have “I love you” carved onto a heart-shaped pet ID tag. Many stores have machines that will let you engrave an additional message. You can also inscribe paper key tags with heartfelt messages to add to the keychain.

4. couch commando Sometimes all Dad wants to do is just kick back and put his feet up. Give him the TV remote along with an ice bucket filled with his favorite drinks, and let him rule the roost for a day.

5-fun-fathers-day-gifts-cherylstyle5. full house Buy a deck of cards, or create your own with card stock. Decorate each card with “52 reasons why you’re the best Dad ever!”. It will take a little effort, but Dad will be blown away. He can open them all at once, or read one a week right through to the next Father’s Day.

Cheryl Says

Dad just really enjoys being surrounded by his loved ones. A little effort will make him feel extra special on Father’s Day.