Tree skirts can be super expensive, so we decided to make our own. We went with burlap for the cover and used canvas for the lining. You can design it yourself with stencils and trim, and it requires no sewing!

Fabric adhesive is the way to go for those of us who lack sewing skills. A few swipes with an iron and your burlap, fabric and trim will stay securely in place.

If you do like to sew, gathered burlap ribbon is easy to make. Just make folds back and forth every inch and sew all the way down the middle.

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How to make a burlap tree skirt

burlap tree skirt instructions
  • scissors
  • burlap measured and cut to a 42″ circle
  • fabric for backing
  • [url href=”” target=”_blank” title=”Large Stencils”]stencil[/url]
  • spray paint
  • [url href=”″ target=”_blank” title=”Thermal adhesive”]thermal adhesive[/url]
  • iron
  • 2 strips burlap ribbon, cut 12″ long
  • 4 yds burlap gathered ribbon, 2.5″ wide
  • 1 yd white pleated fabric ribbon, 0.5″ wide
  1. Cut out a 7″ circle in the center of your skirt.
  2. Trace the skirt onto another piece of fabric to be used as your backing then set the fabric aside.
  3. Lay your burlap onto a protected surface and stencil on a design using spray paint. Watch our [url href=”” target=”_blank” title=”How to stencil burlap”]video[/url] as a guide.
  4. Once stencil is dry, make slit in the skirt running from the center circle to the edge of the skirt.
  5. Follow instructions on the thermal adhesive package to adhere the burlap and fabric together. We took 5″ strips, lined the edges and ironed them in place.
  6. Cut two 12″ pieces of burlap or burlap ribbon to use as ties for the slit. Place both ends of each piece between the burlap and fabric backing. Adhere using thermal adhesive.
  7. Repeat the steps above to adhere the trim to the skirt. We used gathered burlap ribbon for the outer edge and white pleated fabric ribbon for the inner edge and slits.
If you’re thinking about using fabric glue, stay away! It’ll seep through the burlap, get sticky and look messy.

How to make a stenciled burlap tree skirt How to make a stenciled burlap tree skirt