Forget the poinsettia on the table this year! Make a holiday centerpiece that’s simple yet adds a bit of glamor to the festivities. Choose your own color scheme and embellishments to make it your own.

We used a wood window box and sprayed it white but you can use any similar container and get the same effect. It’s the battery operated micro mini lights that really make the difference.

These tiny lights may seem a bit pricey but you can reuse them for a variety of other crafts. There are no unsightly cords or plugs, making it easy to move your centerpiece anywhere that needs a boost of drama.

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How to make a holiday centerpiece

holiday centerpiece instructions
  • wood window box
  • white spray paint
  • 4 clear flute glasses
  • 4 [url href=”” target=”_blank” title=”Micro Mini Lights”]battery operated micro mini lights[/url]
  • Styrofoam
  • scissors
  • felt scraps
  • Christmas balls, various sizes
  • ribbon
  1. Choose any size wood window box—ours was 24″ x 7″. Spray it white and allow it to dry.
  2. Next, insert one string of lights into each flute, wrapping the excess around the outside of the glass, down the stem and around the battery pack. Set aside.
  3. Cut and stack Styrofoam in the bottom of the window box so they are at several different heights. Arrange the glasses on top of the Styrofoam to vary their height. Once satisfied, remove the glasses and use felt scraps to cover the Styrofoam completely.
  4. Return the glasses as previously arranged, making sure the switches on the battery packs are easily assessable. Fill the window box with Christmas balls of various sizes.
  5. Cut two strips of ribbon the length of your window box. Place a glue dot on each end then adhere near the top and bottom of the window box. Flip each switch on and place on your holiday table.
Remember to make the on/off switch easily accessible—you don’t want hunt for it and ruin your display!

Turn a window box into a beautiful holiday centerpiece