Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the backyard barbecue or a newbie throwing your first smoke-out, it’s always good to bone up on grilling basics. Here are 5 simple tips for outdoor grilling to help you keep your cool when you’re cooking with fire.

1. don’t get attached

Apply oil or cooking spray to the grill grate to keep meat from sticking.

2. no touching

For uniform cooking, space your food evenly on the grilling surface.

3. right turn only

Turn meet just once, usually when the juices start to appear on the uncooked side.

4. don’t get burned

Many sugar-based sauces can burn, so wait to apply until the last 10 minutes.

5. keep it clean

Cooked meat should be placed on a clean plate to prevent contamination.

Cheryl Says

Nothing brings out the flavor in your favorite foods more than an old fashioned charcoal barbecue.