George Brescia believes that every single article of clothing you wear says something about you and impacts how you feel.

We took our fashion questions to the image consultant extraordinaire for education on dressing with confidence while embracing the season’s latest trends.

Fall Style Tips George BeltCS: When looking to buy season-appropriate clothes (hello fall) what hot ticket items would you splurge on to stay on trend without having to purchase a new wardrobe?

GB: First of all, do your research and get a feel for everything that’s trending. Take your findings and focus on what silhouette and color looks best on you.  Be sure to consider your eye color, skin tone and the color and texture of your hair.  Everything trending is available at price points high and low, so splurge on a great shoes, jewelry or a great belt belt that will make a statement and at the same time give you a big bang for your money.


CS: The fall has brought a lot of the old favorites like equestrian chic and tweed fabric in high-fashion magazines.  What do you make of the new arrivals like goth glam and polka-dots, that don’t have the same longevity in your closet?

GB: It’s ok to embrace trends, but be sure to stick with a classic designer for key pieces so they will maintain relevance throughout the years.  Evaluate how your favorite designer is interpreting the trend, and ask yourself if you can still wear the piece in five years. If the answer is no, hit your local H&M for a less expensive option.


Fall Style Tips George EarringsCS: If you had to commit to one ‘hero’ accessory for an entire season (that will work from day to night), what would it be and why?

GB: You can’t go wrong with statement earrings.  There are a lot of choices for medium length jeweled costume earrings, and if you have the fiscal bandwidth, plain metal statement earrings will always come in handy. Consider what metal or colored stones looks best with your skin tone. The look will help create depth and balance of style with your hair and facial features.

Cheryl Says

I love George’s earring advice–watch out for my faves, my turquoise chandeliers this season!