Gifting Christmas hampers is a great way of celebrating the holiday and spreading happiness. It is one of the most anticipated holiday gifts that are quite generous and keep on giving. There are a variety of food and beverage ideas that you can include in the hamper.

From scrumptious cookies to piquant chili jams and fresh loaves of bread, you can fill the hamper with whatever delicious goodness you wish. It is best to include food items according to the preferences of the receiver.

To make the hamper more meaningful, add your flair by gifting homemade foods. This article will discuss various yummy homemade food ideas that would be perfect for Christmas hampers.

Berry Christmas Cookies

Berry Christmas Cookies

Wish a sweet berry Christmas with these mouthwatering cookies. The core ingredients are readily available in any store, and they are super easy to make. The main ingredients are organic granola, flour, ground cinnamon, golden syrup, and dried berries of choice.

The golden syrup makes the cookies very gooey. The cinnamon adds a festive kick to the cookies and perfectly balances with the sweetness of the syrup. The granola adds a scrumptious texture that also makes the sweet treat very fulfilling. These cookies are amazing food ideas to include in your Christmas hampers. 

Amaretto Peach Preserves

Preserves are great traditional items for holiday hampers. They are incredibly delicious and can be eaten with a variety of other foods. From fresh toasts to yogurts and ice creams, peach preserves are great additions that elevate the flavors.

The boozy punch of the Amaretto gives an extra oomph and adds more dimension to the general taste. This delightful conserve is made with seasonal juicy peaches, pecans, and sultanas. You can give this lovely treat to many people by making a large batch.

Simply fill quaint mason jars with this fruity treat and add a charming ribbon for a festive vibe. Your loved ones will surely love this form of peaches.

Orange Spice Cookies

Orange Spice Cookies

These delectable cookies are great with a nice cup of tea. They are very easy to prepare and require simple ingredients that are likely to be present in your pantry already. These baked treats are mainly made of basic cookie ingredients like flour and butter.

The orange zest, ginger, and ground allspice are the unique ingredients that make it taste different. The aroma and the tanginess of the orange zest will fill all of your senses. The zing of the ginger will balance all the flavors and add more depth to the flavors.

Christmas Rum Balls 

Christmas Rum Balls

Preparing these dainty rum balls does not require any cooking and is a great crowd-pleaser. Packed with classic Christmas flavors, these treats can be made with Christmas staples in a short time. The core ingredients are ladyfingers, ground pecans, rum, cocoa powder, and powdered sugar.

The nuttiness from the pecans elevates the flavor profile that is also complimented well by the booziness of the rum. The dense richness of these flavorful spheres is very indulgent and can be an ideal Christmas treat. 

To add a more festive vibe, pack three rum balls in a paper tube inside a square of cellophane. Then twist the ends, and the end will resemble a Christmas cracker. 

Vegan Banana Ginger Lebkuchen

Lebkuchen is a chewy German biscuit that resembles gingerbread but is softer. These baked goodies will be perfect for your vegan friends and family. Ammonia carbonate is used to achieve the perfect soft and cakey texture.

In the early years, ammonia carbonate used to be manufactured from hartshorn, or deer horns. Thankfully, due to the advancement of technology and practices, baking soda is used today. Baking soda is completely safe and is not derived from animals.

The bananas enhance the taste and zing of the ginger. The rum glaze makes the cookies more inviting and delectable. These sweet snacks are very addictive and give a proper ode to the Christmas flavors. The nuts also add more depth to the general texture and palate.

Raspberry and Rosewater Swirl Meringues

Raspberry and Rosewater Swirl Meringues

These super-sweet treats are amazing and can be enjoyed with any creamy dessert or by itself. The tartness of the berries and floral notes of the rosewater combine to form a perfect concoction of exotic flavors. The preparation method of this dessert item is quite simple, but it takes a long time to make the meringue.

When you are about to have a cozy night and bond over with your family with vanilla ice cream at night, do not forget to add these mouthwatering meringues.

Simple Piccalilli

Picalilli is simple to make, but the flavors are quite complex and create a fiery party in your mouth. They go great with various salads, sandwiches, and other savory snacks.

This piquant delish involves pickling vegetables like cauliflower, beans, and capsicum in spiced vinegar brine. It is best to use store-bought pickled cornichons and silverskin onions to save time and effort.

Rosemary Cheese Crackers

Rosemary Cheese Crackers

These homemade crackers taste amazing. Moreover, they are simple to prepare, and you can bake a large number in a few batches. The core ingredient is coarsely shredded cheddar which makes these crackers very addictive.

The flavors of the rosemary go very well with the pungent cheese. Baking these will fill the kitchen with such an appetizing aroma that it will already make you salivate. You can add sweet paprika to add a spicy kick, but it is completely optional.

These savory baked treats can be eaten on their own, and they can be eaten with various dips and sauces. The perfect salty crunch also requires washing it down with your favorite drink. The cheesy grease and the salt left on your fingertips will surely make you lick them. 

Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles

Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles

Chocolate lovers will thank you when you give them these rich dessert bites. These truffles are very easy to make, and they are so delicious they are usually devoured in one sitting. Saving them for later will be a difficult task as they are so good you can’t help yourself and finish them all off.

The nuttiness and creaminess of the hazelnut mesh well with the bitterness of the dark chocolate. The double cream harmonizes all the flavors effectively. Indulging yourself in these chocolaty treats is a priceless experience.

To add some extra jazz, you can cover them in colorful sprinkles or roll them over edible glitter. If you have a chocolate lover on your list, the truffles are excellent food ideas to include in your Christmas hampers. 

Spiced Mulling Syrup

Spiced Mulling Syrup

For cider and wine, this spiced syrup is a great addition. They make alcoholic drinks taste better and can be a perfect Christmas gift for those who love wine. You can make a large batch and give it to many people.

Ensure the bottles you pour the spiced syrup in are properly sterilized. Label the bottles with the necessary instructions for heating the syrup and the ratio of alcohol to syrup.

Also include the storage instructions of keeping it in a cool place away from sunlight. Syrups usually last for three months if properly made and stored.

Humble Mince Pies

Dating back from the 13th century, these delicious British pies won the hearts of the majority of Australians. This pie is filled with marmalades, apples, sultanas, almonds, currants, and citrus fruits like oranges. For a zing and perfect harmony, mixed spices and brandy are added to the filling.

The flaky yet pillowy pastry encloses this delectable filling and makes a perfect snack that also meets your satiety. A nice cup of Earl Grey with this pie is a perfect pair to spend the evening.

Keto Brownie Cheesecake Bars

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For those who keep count of their calories or simply want to indulge without gaining significant weight, these keto brownie cheesecake bars are ideal.

The saltiness of the cheese pairs well with the toothsome chocolate and monk fruit sweetener. Almond flour has higher nutritional value and lesser carbs than regular flour. Moreover, the flour is slightly sweet, making this dessert treat more delish.

This guilt-free dessert is simple to prepare and can be made in batches. You do not have to break your back in the kitchen for long hours when making them.

Berry Christmas Turkish Delights

Berry Christmas Turkish Delights

Turkish delights are easy to make and can be made in a short time. The tartness of the berries and the chewiness of the starch make the flavors bold. The bold flavors are quite enjoyable, especially with cheese and wine. To achieve the iconic stringiness, most recipes call for tapioca starch.

You can replace this ingredient with regular cornflour. Instead of covering the delights in icing sugar, cover them with ground dried sweetened cranberries or barberry seeds. The vermillion of these fruity powders will make the treats look festive and unique.

Peach Infused Vodka


Celebrating the holidays with fruity alcohol that tastes amazing is anticipated by many individuals. Add a personal touch by making your own infused drink. You can make peach-infused vodka as it is quite simple to prepare and also tastes great.

The sweetness and overall pleasant flavors of the nectarine balance out the bitterness of the vodka. Your friends will surely love this drink and will appreciate the effort.

Final Thoughts

Preparing Christmas hampers is a fun experience. The effort and thought put behind making these edible gifts will be appreciated by the receivers. We hope this article helped you find some food ideas to make impeccable Christmas hampers.

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