1. keep it simple but not boring

There’s nothing wrong with serving burgers and dogs so long as you offer up plenty of fun, colorful fixings. A nice spread of fresh-cut toppings and gourmet sauces can class up any offering, from chili and Buffalo wings to nachos and cheesesteaks.

2. personalize it

If your man is into sports, think about using foam fingers as lap trays or turning his old trophies into beer buckets. If he’s into cars, maybe use old oilcans as utensil holders and set out a roll of shop towels for napkins. Clean ones, of course.

3. think beyond the BBQ

Sure everybody loves a good backyard barbecue, but when the big game is on, or the weather takes a turn for the worse, the garage or the game room can make a great makeshift venue.

4. finger food

Think about serving kabobs, sliders or anything else that can be eaten with one hand (because the other will be busy holding a beverage)!

5. can the can

Set a stack of chalkboard beer glasses and a white marker next to the drink cooler so the guys can pour their beers into a personalized cup. Or order some custom beer cozies online and pass them out to each guest.