Once upon a time, it was common practice to mail party invites. Even though we live in a time of Facebook Events and Evites, there are still good reasons to mail party invitations!

Although electronic invitations make it easy to connect with party invitees, there is a personal element that’s lost for the sake of convenience. That something is what we in the Everyday Dishes realm refer to as the “art of anticipation.”

You don’t have to go crazy with expensive and ultra-cleverly designed stationary—a simply crafted note is enough to provoke a heightened sense of awareness!

1. create an invitation that is a playful teaser to the party theme

For example, if you’re hosting a Mexican Fiesta, using brightly colored card stock and burlap materials, emblazoned with a ‘south-of-the-border’ font, will most definitely inspire your partygoers. Take the opportunity to instruct guests to dress the part.

2. are you hosting a sit-down dinner?

Have the invitation delivered by mail and request that they R.S.V.P. This will prevent partygoers from bringing unexpected guests. In addition, the R.S.V.P.s will help you get an accurate headcount so you can stock the bar and prepare the right amount of food!

3. many hands make light work!

Asking your guest to do something via invitation gives them a feeling of contribution and helps keep the budget in check. A handwritten note asking your guest to bring the chips and dip, a bag of ice or cocktail napkins will save them from having to ask. Everybody wins!

4. your invitations can be creative AND informative

Mailing invitations is a good opportunity to inform guests on items such as attire, whether children are welcome or if they need to bring a towel and swimsuit for the pool party. You’ll be busy preparing for the big event—this will prevent a flurry of phone calls or emails with everyone asking the same kind of questions.

5. the last and most important reason for mailing your party invitations

Because it’s fun to get a piece of mail that doesn’t have to be trashed or paid! Make your favorite people smile with your ingenuity and flair!

Cheryl Says

Your invitations should make them think–I can’t miss this party!