Flowers and plants are a fantastic way to add natural beauty to both the inside and outside of your home. Even if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs, we’re sure you love the look of fresh floral centerpieces and healthy plants enough to dabble in the garden now and again.

We’ve chosen a collection of items perfect for those with and without green thumbs. The Bubble Planter from West Elm or the Glass Jar Vase from Home Decorators are beautiful additions to your home decor—and wonderful gifts too!

Others have more practical day-to-day use in your household like Clean & Brighten by Truce, which not only makes your house sparkle, but keeps garden pests away as well. So if you are growing your own flowers, showing them off inside, or simply looking to protect your plants in progress, there is an item on this list sure to help!

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7 garden gifts and accessories


1. Truce Clean & Brighten

pest free and super clean. Made with peppermint and rosemary essential oils for an amazingly fresh scent, Truce Clean & Brighten is a powerful, all-natural multi-purpose cleaner with one big bonus—it also acts as a pest repellent. White flies and ants from the garden won’t stand a chance against this handy product.


2. Gnat Guard

say no to gnats. Until recently, we just thought gnats were super annoying and could never figure out where they were coming from. Turns out they are actually pretty destructive little buggers whose larvae feed on our potted plant roots in the office! Gnat Guard gives your plants permanent protection against gnats in one application. Problem solved! Yay!


3. Succulent wall planter

living art. Succulents are a favorite of ours, so when we saw this rustic wall art kit featuring easy-to-grow succulents, we took a closer look. Turns out you don’t even have to hang it on the wall! Sure, you can hang it inside or outside, but you can also use it flat on a table as a unique centerpiece too. So cool!


4. Glass jar vase

a hint of vintage. Your garden is in full bloom and you are ready to cut some gorgeous stems, but you’re not a professional flower arranger. We have just the container for you! We love the rustic yet sophisticated look of this glass jar vase and the lid contains slots for the stems so you can create a perfect arrangement.

garden-gifts-and-accessories-cherylstyle-cheryl-najafi5. BotaniStix

plant adornments. You know that ugly stake that comes with heavy plants like orchids? BotaniStix replace unsightly stakes and add a little bling in the process. Topped with all sorts of fun decorations, you can think of BotaniStix as fun jewelry to dress up any potted plant.

garden-gifts-and-accessories-cherylstyle-cheryl-najafi6. Seed bombs

bombs away! Assault your landscaping with these clay bombs packed with ready-to-grow seeds! Eco-friendly and perfect for adding additional color to your garden, these seed bombs come in adorable burlap packaging and would make lovely party favors as well.


7. Hanging glass bubble planter

indoor bubble garden. We fell instantly in love with these whimsical glass planters that can be hung indoors. Super stylish and low-maintenance, they can be filled with air plants, succulents, or moss to create your very own hanging garden.