It’s finally the weekend and you can’t wait to catch up with friends and family over a yummy brunch! Don’t go out, have an informal brunch at home. Let me help you prepare the tastiest meal with 10 stress-free brunch tips to help you enjoy your Saturday brunch as much as your guests!

  1. Set your table the day before and think of things you can make ahead of time so you’re only preparing one or two dishes the morning of the brunch.
  2. Decorate the table with fresh fruits to add color. Use slices of ruby red grapefruit, lemons, or green apples floating in a tall cylinder vase with short stem flowers for a fresh look.
  3. Consider a bright, white wine such as a dry Riesling, Pino Grigio, or Sauvignon blanc.
  4. If you’re making French toast, try a buttery challah bread or brioche. Add crushed cornflakes for an awesome crunch crust.
  5. When making an egg casserole, whisk your eggs for 2–3 full minutes to incorporate air to create a lighter, fluffier casserole.
  6. Don’t forget about savory dishes when preparing for a brunch. Salad with a light vinaigrette, quiche, cold cuts, and salmon pair beautifully with muffins, cinnamon rolls and pancakes.
  7. When storing pancakes in a covered dish for a brunch, place a plain piece of bread on top to absorb any condensation that forms on the lid.
  8. Add 1 part OJ to 2 parts ice tea for a refreshing mid-morning drink.
  9. You can easily add chopped fresh herbs to whipped cream cheese to take it up a notch for your morning brunch. Walnuts and honey also add an element of sweet to the typically savory spread.
  10. Try preparing the desserts in small bite-sized portions for brunch—think pudding in shot glasses or bite-sized cookies. You’d be surprised at how many people indulge when they think they are just taking a ‘bite’ of dessert.


Brunch tips


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