How many times have you gone to a bridal shower and set your drink down, only to discover it has disappeared while your back was turned?

When it’s your turn to throw the party, make our easy DIY bridal shower wine glasses—it will totally solve the problem and add a creative themed touch to your table decorations!

There’s no need to buy expensive drink tags or place cards when you can create your own. Ribbon, card stock, Fiskars squeeze punch, a marker and your trusty hot glue gun and scissors are all you need to distinguish one wine glass from another.

If you don’t have enough matching wine glasses, don’t be afraid to mix and match sizes and shapes. If you’re a stickler for perfection, purchase inexpensive glasses at your local big box store.

Scalloped edge card stock flowers and glue keep layered ribbons of lace and satin wrapped around each glass. It’s a delicate look that, once personalized, looks great on the table as both place card and water glass!

DIY bridal shower wine glasses instructions
  1. Wrap ribbons around exterior of wine glass to determine length.
  2. Cut ribbons for each glass. Approximately 12” ribbon should wrap most glasses.
  3. Cut 6” strips of satin ribbon for glass to make leaves.
  4. Punch the same number of flowers using scallop hole punch.
  5. Write guest names on flower using fine point marker.
  6. Layer satin ribbon on top of lace ribbon.
  7. Place ribbons at widest part of glass.
  8. Place dot of hot glue to secure.
  9. Wrap ribbons around entire glass slightly overlapping.
  10. Secure with hot glue.
  11. Make 2 loops with 6” piece of satin ribbon for leaves.
  12. Glue loops to back of name flower.
  13. Glue name flower where ribbons crisscross to hide imperfections.
Need party favors? Make goodie bags with matching tags!