Can’t find that blue table cloth or red napkins?  For less mess, take it outside and use a little dye. Here’s all you’ll need to know for DIY fabric dyeing.

DIY fabric dyeing instructions
  • fabric
  • fabric dye
  • large tub or bucket
  • water
  • vinegar
  1. Before starting, read the directions on both your fabric and the fabric dye for specific instructions—for example, cottons require a different application process than polyesters.
  2. For most fabrics, fill a tub or bucket with 3–4 gallons of water, stir in the dye and then carefully submerge the cloth—the longer it stays in, the darker it gets.
  3. To create an aged look, try submerging parts of the fabric for a few minutes longer than the rest of the garment.
  4. After dying, slowly remove the fabric from the solution, carefully folding and squeezing it as you go to wring as much water as possible back into the container.
  5. Smooth and then spread the damp fabric out on a sunny surface (such as the lawn) that won’t easily stain.
  6. Once completely dry, soak the fabric in a second solution of water mixed with 1 cup of white vinegar to help set the color.
  7. Spread the fabric out one final time to dry.
Messy projects are best completed outside. This way kids can be themselves and not worry about the messy clean up afterwards.