There’s a fine line between a successful kid’s birthday party and complete chaos. Let’s face it; younger guests can be a bit more high maintenance than adults, so it’s crucial to plan. Basically, party pacing can mean the difference between fun and frenzy.

Throwing a successful kid’s birthday party might seem daunting at first, simply because they’re are unpredictable. Just follow the lead of your youngest guests and pace the party accordingly. Chances are everything won’t go exactly the way you planned, but they probably won’t even notice!

Here are a few tips on how to throw a successful kid’s birthday party.

how to throw a successful kid’s birthday party

1. short attention spans

Kids need action! And you need control. Be ready to get started right away with games and activities, because children have a short attention span and very little room for small talk. Keep the party moving with short, 15-minute activities that don’t force kids to be quiet or sit still. They’ll have a blast!

2. recruit parent helpers

You can’t do it all alone. Assign specific duties to parents who decide to stay for the party, such as “kiddie wrangler,”“gift gal” or “cake security.” Having extra adults on hand helps control dust-ups, chaos, and meltdowns. Not to mention, it helps when needing to get extra drinks or snacks for hungry and thirsty kiddos. Be sure to return the favor and plan to hang around at the next party your kid is invited to.

3. kids need a reason to eat

Unless they are starving, food (especially at parties) needs to be fun or sweet in order to get kids to eat. Keep the ingredients simple, and the presentation creative. If it looks fun enough, you might even get them to eat something healthy before the cake and ice cream. And it might be best to introduce your snacks, rather than letting them sit out the whole party. If it sits out more than 20 minutes, it’ll turn into table toys.

4. cake and ice cream!

No party is complete without it and it’s pretty much all your young guests will think about from the minute they arrive. We’re pretty sure kids love the sweet bliss of this time-honored tradition, but they also like the social aspects that come along with it. They like to gab and goof off. So, let them. While they tell jokes and share stories, kick back. Take a few minutes and catch up with the other parents who stayed for the party. Be sure to leave enough time for the kids to say their “good-byes” because even at this young age, it’s the perfect way to end the day.

Cheryl Says

Channel your inner child when planning a birthday party. You’re allowed to have fun, too!