If you have to wash dishes—and who doesn’t—why not do it in style with our DIY Mason jar soap dispensers? Use our free Everyday Dishes & DIY printable labels to distinguish between dishwashing soap and hand soap and your countertop will have a clean, less cluttered look.

Follow easy instructions to download, print and cut out the labels. Upcycle a Mason jar and dispenser pump for each type of soap or buy them for about $6. You’ll also need decoupage glue , a small paintbrush, hammer and nail, glue, and both flat and glass paint.

Next, brush a thin layer of decoupage glue to the labels and adhere them to the inside of the jars, smoothing out any bubbles with your fingers. Apply a second, more generous layer to seal the labels well, then let dry completely.

Meanwhile, use a hammer to tap a nail through the lids of the Mason jars to make holes large enough to accommodate the dispenser pumps. Glue the loose jar lid pieces together, push a pump through each lid then attach it with glue.

Paint both lids with flat spray paint then allow them to dry. Use glass paint to coat the inside of the jars, swirling it around until there’s an opaque finish. Stand jars upright, allow them to dry for a least a day or two then fill them with soap and screw on the lids.

Display them on your countertop and say goodbye to those ugly plastic bottles!

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DIY Mason jar soap dispensers instructions
  1. Download the Mason Jar Soap Dispenser Printable Labels.
  2. Print and cut out labels.
  3. Adhere FRONT of labels to inside of jars using paintbrush and decoupage glue (make sure the label fronts are fully coated with the glue).
  4. Smooth with fingers, apply second coat to back of labels then let dry (make sure they dry thoroughly so the glass paint doesn’t seep through the label).
  5. Tap nail through Mason jar lid with hammer until hole is big enough for dispenser pump.
  6. Glue loose Mason jar lid pieces together.
  7. Push dispenser pump through lid then attach with glue. Repeat on other lid.
  8. Paint both lids with flat black spray paint, let dry.
  9. Pour enamel paint into jar, filling jar about ¼ of the way full.
  10. Swirl to coat inside of jar, stand upright and set aside for about 30 minutes
  11. repeat until there’s an opaque finish, pouring out any excess paint.
  12. Stand jar upright allowing to dry for 2 days.
  13. Repeat with other jar.
  14. Fill jars with soap, screw on lids and display!
Decoupage, the technique of gluing paper onto objects, has been around for centuries. It gained the attention of Europe via trade routes from the Far East and remains a popular craft today.

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