Vases from sweet little boutiques typically cost a small fortune. With a little forethought on design, you can create your own using Collins glasses, bud vases or thrift store finds and puff paint. Display your masterpiece on a table or give your painted glass vase away for a special handmade gift.

painted glass vase instructions
  • unused glasses, bud vases or other glass vessels
  • fabric puff paint
  • template or drawing
  1. Sketch pattern on paper first and trace over it with puff paint to get comfortable before applying. If you mess up when painting, wash off with warm water and start again OR tape the sketch on the inside of the glass and trace the pattern with the puff paint.
  2. Remove stickers, wash and dry vase.
  3. Shake puff paint well and place tip on surface.
  4. Slowly begin painting on design.
  5. Let dry 1-2 hours or until dry to the touch.
Find unique glasses or vases at estate sales or consignment shops to kick off your project!


diy-puff-paint-vases-cherylstyle painted glass vase