This DIY pencil holder couldn’t be any easier to make! Drill holes into a birch wood slice to have your favorite pens and pencils at your fingertips.

We chose birch because it’s a soft wood that allows you to drill holes into it much faster and more easily than other types of wood. Plus, the light coloration and texture of the bark make it perfect for both modern and country décor.

Wood slices are readily available at craft stores in a variety of sizes. You’ll want one that’s at least three inches high so the holes can be drilled deep enough for pens and pencils to stand up nice and straight.

Be sure to use a ⅜” drill bit in order to accommodate pencils, skinny markers and pens. Use a larger bit and wider wood slice for thick markers and other crafting tools.

DIY pencil holder craft instructions


DIY Pencil Holder instructions
  • pencil
  • birch wood slice, 3″ high minimum
  • drill and ⅜” drill bit
  • writing utensils
  1. Using a pencil, mark the top of the birch wood slice where you want pencil holes to go. Leave approximately ½” in between marks.
  2. Drill 1″ deep holes where marked, removing sawdust as you go.
  3. Once all holes have been drilled, wipe surface clean then insert writing utensils.
Use safety glasses to prevent sawdust from getting in your eyes while drilling.

DIY pencil holder

DIY pencil holder craft