Instead of throwing away all of your old plastic bottles, takeout containers and mayo jars, upcycle them into an adorable DIY hair clip.

You can create any kind of design that your stylish kiddo might love…flowers, hearts or even her favorite gemstone. It’s easy to make a matching accessory for any outfit or special occasion.

These hair clips are sweet and fun and perfect for little ones over the age of three since they have small parts. You can also attach the hair clip to a headband. Have fun with it!

DIY hair clip instructions

DIY Hair Clip Instructions
  • template of your design (optional)
  • plastic bottle
  • scissors, or die cut (optional)
  • bobby pin
  • spray paint or nail polish
  • industrial-strength glue
  • embellishments, if desired
  1. Make a template of your design if necessary, then trace onto plastic bottle or simply cut out pieces of plastic using scissors or die cut.
  2. Using spray paint or nail polish, paint the cutout and bobby pin the same color. Allow them to dry.
  3. Glue gem onto cutout or add glitter, if desired.
  4. Apply glue to the back of the cutout then press firmly onto bobby pin to adhere. Allow a few hours for it to dry completely.
These make for adorable DIY holiday gifts, too!

Plastic bottle DIY hair clip craft