Snap a pic of your child with arms in the air, or in the plank pose, and laminate. This DIY photo bookmark gift is fabulously funny, wonderfully unique, and easy to create. With some scissors and self-adhesive laminating pouches, you’re on your way to create gifts for the readers in your life.

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DIY photo bookmark gift instructions
  1. Wrap embroidery floss around 1” width of cardboard (the more times you wrap it, the bigger the tassel).
  2. Slip piece of floss through top of tassel and tie into loose bow (this is to attach tassel to long bookmark string).
  3. Cut floss opposite of bow just created with scissors.
  4. Gather all pieces in one hand and wrap piece of floss twice around tassel. Approximately 1/2” from top and tie off.
  5. Cut another piece of floss approximately 8” long and fold in half.
  6. Thread this through top part of tassel where bow is and tie together.
  7. Trim excess floss and uneven ends of tassel.
  1. Take full-body picture of child with arms in air, fingertips touching.
  2. Print photo.
  3. Trim around photo making sure to leave space between arms to secure tassel.
  4. Write message on back of photo with pencil or ballpoint pen that won’t bleed through.
  5. Place photo in laminating pouch and follow product instructions on how to seal it.
  6. Trim sealed photo with scissors approximately 1/8” from edge (make sure not to trim too close so that the lamination stays sealed).
  7. Make hole with hole punch just below clasped hands.
  8. Thread bookmark tassel through hole.
You can make a mirror image in a photo editing application by duplicating the image and flipping it.