For any at-home chef, there’s nothing more fun (yet fraught with potential frustration) than baking or cooking alongside young children.

Kids’ baking themed party ideas

1. it’s a wrap

Line your counters and floors with plastic wrap, parchment or wax paper to make cleanup a breeze.

2. you are here

Prepare a chef’s station for each guest featuring an apron or chef’s hat and a sturdy stepstool so they can easily reach any ingredients and cooking implements.

3. a measure of preparation

Set out pre-measured ingredients as well as any mixing bowls or cooking tools at each station.

4. no sharp edges

Look for recipes that don’t require any slicing and dicing with sharp knives, or simply pre-slice your ingredients before the little ones arrive.

5. take five

Schedule a break or two (maybe while the frosting is setting or the cupcakes are baking) featuring a fun activity, or just time for the kids to run outside and play. Remember, you want cooking to be festive and fun, not an ordeal.

6. double the fun

Make sure you cook enough food so that the kids can eat some right away, as well as take some home to show off to their families.

7. go with the flow

Expect that something will go wrong and be ready to roll with it. Don’t let a little spilt milk or burnt toast take away from the fun times.

8. have a back-up plan

Pre-make a secret stash of the food you’re cooking and store it in the fridge, either to serve as a model for the kids, or to handout in case the kids’ batches are inedible.