Squeeze more fun into your next get-together with simple DIY lemon place cards that turns lemons, succulents and card stock into eye-catching place cards. Even better, they double as darling party favors guaranteed to send your friends home with a smile.

DIY lemon place cards instructions
  • lemons
  • sturdy spoon or small ice cream scoop
  • wax paper
  • card stock
  • glue
  • large wooden toothpicks
  • potting soil
  • baby plants, seedlings, or succulents
  1. Slice bottom off lemons to create a stable base, then slice 1/3 off the top.
  2. Use soup spoon or ice cream scoop to remove fleshy interior of the lemons (don’t worry if you pierce the bottom but be sure to leave plenty of skin around the sides).
  3. Stuff wax paper into bottom of lemons to seal off any holes or soft spots; place lemons in the refrigerator to firm up (30 minutes or more).
  4. Print or hand-write names on card stock and trim to size.
  5. Glue place card to a large toothpick and let dry.
  6. Remove lemons from refrigerator; remove plants from plastic pots and insert into lemons (or if plant pots are small enough, drop entire thing into the lemon); cover and fill with potting soil.
  7. Insert place card and arrange on your table.
Lemons are perfect for this project because they are available year-round and add a little burst of sunshine to any table.