We love bringing the freshness of outdoors, inside. With plain terra cotta pots, white acrylic paint and our simple white washing instructions, you can create these DIY white washed pots. Use them to design a classic, garden inspired centerpiece like our citrus centerpiece!

DIY white washed pots
  • terra cotta pots of different shapes and sizes
  • white acrylic paint
  • foam brush
  • water
  • bowl to mix paint and water
  • jute twine
  • multi-purpose sandpaper
  1. Remove stickers from pots and wipe down pots with damp cloth.
  2. Pour small amount of white acrylic paint into bowl and add water (more water than paint).
  3. Randomly brush watered down paint around outside of pot; let dry.
  4. If paint is blotchy, it will just add to distressed look.
  5. Distress outside of pot using multipurpose sandpaper (remove any heavily painted areas).
  6. Wipe pot down one last time with damp cloth to remove dust.
Use floral foam to secure the flower stems and cover generously with preserved moss.