Planning to watch the big game with family and friends? This simple game day DIY penalty flag napkins craft project will help set the mood, as well as keep things nice and tidy.

Plus, think of how much fun the kids will have calling penalties on everyone for talking too loudly or stealing the last slice of pizza.

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game day DIY napkin instructions
  • yellow napkins or fabric squares
  • paper towels
  • craft paper
  • colorful ribbon
  1. Start by laying napkins on top of paper towel, then fold in half with paper towel tucked on inside (this way guests can use the paper towel without messing up their penalty flag).
  2. Cut craft paper into small rectangles, then write (or use computer to print) “Penalty Flag” on each.
  3. Punch a hole through corner of each tag and secure to middle of napkin/paper towel with colorful ribbon.
For a custom touch, match your craft paper and ribbon to your team colors.


Game day DIY penalty flag napkins