This simple DIY game day table runner is guaranteed to turn heads at your next get-together.

Pair it with our Penalty Flag Napkins for the ultimate big game bash.

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DIY game day table runner
  1. Begin by Googling a football field to use for reference.
  2. Measure your table then trim Astro Turf to fit with heavy duty scissors (use grid printed on back of Astro Turf to cut straight line).
  3. Divide Astro Turf into 12 equal sections (ten 10-yard markers and two end zones) or 6 sections if making a half field, and temporarily mark each section with small piece of tape.
  4. Use white duct tape to create yard markers (we used full tape strips for 50 yard and end zone lines, and then split tape in half to make rest of yard markers). Fold duct tape over one end to help secure to Astro Turf while you’re taping the yard markers.
  5. Glue felt numbers adjacent to appropriate yard marker. Don’t forget to use duct tape to add small directional markers next to each number (see image).
To really go all out, use a stencil and spray paint your favorite team’s name to the end zones.