How to rock an evening appropriate pony

A ponytail is a fabulous option for evening hair. You can sweat your heart out at yoga and still achieve champion chic at a first-rate event twenty minutes later. Who has time for the perfect coif when there are dogs to walk, kids to feed and an inbox full of email? We’ll show you how to rock an evening appropriate pony the next time you go out!

Pick Your Breed

There is the side pony, the sleek pony, the polished pony, rumpled pony and cheerleader pony. Regardless of your favorite style, there are several tools out there to help achieve the look. Unwashed tresses make way–use a spritz of dry shampoo, hot rollers for bounce or a flat iron to tame the flyaways, a fine-toothed comb for teasing and hairspray to hold it all in place.


Ponytails are a great bad hair day solution–even a sloppy pony can be glamorous. Great for all ages, a ponytail creates an instant face-lift effect, especially when placed at the top of the head near the back of the crown. The tension from your hair being pulled back emphasizes cheekbones.

Flaunt It

A little pizzazz is an evening pony prerequisite. We suggest statement earrings or bold lips. Try some chandelier earrings with a little sparkle or a cranberry-hued pout. If you opt for bright lips, use highlighter to create some shimmer on your cupid’s bow for youthful gusto.